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We are the Eye Magazine Rwanda.


The Eye Magazine Rwanda has been published since 2005 and is distributed free of charge within Rwanda and Burundi with copies distributed through selected advertisers/partners in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and United Arab Emirates.


We are currently printing 10,000 copies which are distributed through embassies, high social class premises, major hotels, Supermarkets, Book shops, public libraries, tour and travel companies and the golf clubs in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

The Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs also distributes copies of The Eye Magazine through their selected embassies and high commissions in Europe, Asia, North America, West and East Africa.


Why advertise with the Eye Magazine?


·The magazine being an insider guide to Rwanda and Burundi attracts numerous readers both local and foreign thus giving any advertised business a competitive edge.


·The magazine is distributed free of charge in Rwanda and Burundi with copies reaching Uganda Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia, UAE and Rwandan Embassies abroad, implying a bigger readership.


·The distribution channels include Embassies, major hotels, popular first class social places, Supermarkets, restaurants, public libraries, airlines, tour and travel operators, Non-governmental agencies, Golf Clubs, among other socially accessible places.


·The quality of the print is excellent. Adverts are reproduced as designed in a press quality PDF format.


·Each issue of the magazine is never off shelf and the adverts run throughout the quarters i.e. December-February, March-May, June-August and September – November.


·There is an organized formatting of magazine details and adverts are well categorized basing on the kind of product dealt in.


·We offer space at attractive rates and discounts are always given to all our long term business clients.


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