Clues of Quality from a Guest’s Perspective

The words QUALITY HOTEL are always on everybody’s mind whenever they are planning for a vacation or a business trip. The following tips are meant to help hotel keeper’s fit the bill and join the league of quality hotels. Experienced travelers are very good at picking up clues of quality from the curb of the hotel to the corners of their rooms, so make sure you have paid special attention to the key areas mentioned in this column.

Curb Appeal – This refers to how attractive your hotel looks from the outside. Your guests’ first impression of your hotel is critical, beginning long before they get to your curb and continuing right up to your door. From travel guides and websites to signage, lighting, and landscaping, creating quality curb appeal will bring customers into your hotel.

Staff – Your staff should be well groomed, friendly, responsive and polite. Putting on clean, well pressed uniforms and good quality nametags form an important part of staff grooming and should be emphasized on. Special attention should also be paid to the hair.

Cleanliness – A minimum expectation of every guest, cleanliness requires extra effort and attention to detail. It goes without saying that every room should be cleaned as often as is needed. But, for excellence, go the extra step to clean above, behind and underneath every article in the hotel, as well as in the corners. Pay special attention to the bathroom, where bright, hard surfaces and mirrors make quality easy to see.

Comfort – Your guests expect quality furnishings, fixtures, and amenities to make their stay enjoyable. Planning and communication are vital to keeping your public areas and guestrooms functioning, modern, and clean. Provide quality in-room amenities and pay special attention to “guest touch” items.

Service – Your personal contact with the guest can create positive memories and capture future business. From a fast, friendly registration to helpful service during the stay to showing your appreciation at check out, make the most of every guest service opportunity.

Problem Resolution – Because quality is in the details, occasionally you’ll slip up. But a guest problem is actually an opportunity to earn their business for the long term. Practice problem resolution strategies such as listening, empathizing, apologizing, creating solutions, and following up.

Quality is in the details, and everyone who works at your hotel needs to be part of the quality team.

Remember, “You never get a second chance to form a first impression, so make it count!”

The writer works as the General Manager of Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Rwanda.

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