Struggling With Your Weight? 3 Easy Local solutions to Cut Body Fat Once and For All.


Weight loss.  Whether it’s 5, 10 or 40 pounds or whether it’s from unhealthy eating habits or pregnancy, shedding that extra weight is a struggle for everyone. Fortunately, there are great solutions to permanent weight loss right here in Kigali.  Let’s forget those quick fixes or occasional diets and focus on the three main reasons why most people struggle to achieve permanent and sustainable weight loss. Then I will give you three easy solutions that can be found locally in Kigali to help you achieve your goals.



#1 Unhealthy Eating

Kigali, the city of 1000 Buffets. As tasty as they may be, they are usually unhealthy unless you choose consciously from the many different options. Matoke, ugali, rice and potatoes are all carbohydrates that shouldn’t all be on the same plate. They’re have a high calorie count and it’s much easier for your body to turn any excess calories from carbohydrates into fat than it is to turn protein and vegetable into fat. In general, you should aim on a healthy nutritional balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Solution:  Choose a lunch buffet that has a wide variety of vegetables and lean proteins. We recommend the buffets at Shokola Lite, Brachetto or Sol e Luna which usually features several healthy entrees.  Make sure your plate consists of 30% protein, 50 % veggies and only 20% grains and carbohydrates.


For more detailed advice WAKA Fitness has experienced dieticians who are available for individual consultations for just RWF 7500.


#2 Gym Illiteracy

Working out at a gym will not automatically give you the results you’re looking for. In addition, there are many myths when it comes to getting stronger, leaner and healthier.  Spending your time wisely in the gym by following the right workout program, developed by experienced and educated personal trainers will not only give you better results but also save you time.


Solution: There are many different fitness facilities in Kigali and most, including WAKA, feature personal trainers who can assist with building individualized programs to help you achieve your goals. Here’s a hint for choosing the right personal trainer: if he or she suggests that you do cardiovascular exercises, instead of strength training exercises, to lose weight you may want to find another trainer. Strength training for both men and women has been proven burn body fat faster and create a stronger and leaner physique.


#3 Commitment

Permanent weight loss and lifestyle change takes time and commitment. Not seeing any results is demotivating. Exercising with others, and most importantly, finding the form of exercise that you enjoy will help you stay committed.


Solution:  Find others with similar goals and push each other to achieve them.  Ask your colleagues or use the online social media tools, such as Living in Kigali or Kigali Life, to connect with other people with weight loss goals.  Try out different fitness classes or activities available across the city.  At WAKA we offer special group exercise classes such as Yoga, Zumba and Pilates and personal training packages for groups so you can train with a spouse or friend at the same time.




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