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Wow! That was really a fantastic start for me, I was hitherto convinced that my handlers were not amatures in this game for they had brought home their A game!

  1. VIP Personalization and Recognition

I had been booked as a VIP guest and the staff at the luxury hotel made sure that I was treated like royalty – from name recognition at all times and by all staff that I had an interface with to notes by the General Manager to a tray of different petit fours that evening at turndown to special consideration of my eating habits to the Concierge tailor-making my waterfront walking tour.

The experience was so memorable and delightful that I have often given it as an industry Benchmark every time I have written or spoken on the subject of service excellence.

Guest Recognition through guest mapping by different layers of the hotel staff – from concierge and Guest Relations, Front Office, Food & Beverage and Duty Manager to the GM is a wonderful strategy that creates a pronounced guest-oriented environment, makes sure that the Hotel staff is familiar with its guest list and keeps the guests happy and pampered. Being the recipient of hospitality is an immersive experience and demands that facilities and services are rendered in discreet and seamless ways, while making each guest feel special.

  1. Crisp Conduct and Language

Something else that really stood out about the amazing staff of Queen Victoria Hotel was their professional conduct and language. Every word that came out of their mouths left an impression of employees who are very well trained in the area of guest etiquette, I also found them very polite and respectful.

A hotel is much, much more than the richly constructed shell many think it is. Realistically speaking, a hotel is actually the people who work towards presenting the brand service standards in the best way possible. And this is truly the most important discerning factor when sifting chaff from the real grain. The hotel brand must engage guests through unique, memorable and personal experiences that transcend hospitality and create indelible marks in their lives.

It’s quite easy to pamper guests by throwing money on physical things like pillows, towels and rugs. But to create that human connection is a luxury very few can perfect. Hotel staff must be trained to offer exclusivity of the whole experience” and work towards making the guests “feel at home.”

  1. Dining delight

It wasn’t long before dinner was ready. I had so much to do on my second day and by around 7:00 pm exhaustion had taken the better of me and all I wanted was a yummy dinner. As expected, the team did not disappoint, as one of the sharply dressed waitresses approached me with a beautiful smile, I knew that I was in for another show of excellence. She introduced herself and engaged me briefly before handing me the menu….what followed was a brief description of the different options that were on offer for dinner……she undoubtedly nailed it, I was thoroughly impressed!
Food is truly the winning factor for most hotels – smart, simple, sensible selections for certain meal times of a business traveler and elaborate, exquisite and enchanting for those on the languorously leisure downtime. The restaurants (including room service) offering their culinary artworks are certainly the places to showcase award-winning talents of the hotels’ food & beverage team. There are several hospitality hotspots that are known exclusively for their food craft and kitchen talent.

The writer work as the General Manager of Nyungwe Forest Lodge, Rwanda.

Reach him at: jerry_were@yahoo.com

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